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Tytuł: Jantar 2a ze Szwecji
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Pilot ze Szwecji prosił o umieszczenie ogłoszenia. Mogę pomóc w komunikacji jeśli chcesz.

SZD-42-1, Jantar 2A
S/n B-777
Year of construction: 1976
Span 20,5 m
length 7,14 m
Aspect ratio 29.2
Empty weight 368,5 kg
Max pilot weight 102 kg
Max take off weight excl water ballast 470 kg
Max take off weight incl water ballast 605 kg

First registration 1977 as SE-TPX
TT flight hours, 1300
No of starts. 592
Date of valid ARC. 28 August 2020
New electric wiring 2019
New Trig TY91 8,33 kHz radio 2019
New KTX-2 Mode-S transponder 2019
New Flarm Eagle 2019
Altimeter PZL
Turn & bank indicator PZL EZS3
E-vario LX2300
Variometer Winter
two batteries

Trailer Aluminium BGK, front loaded.
The trailer was overhauled 2019 regarding weals and brakes  and approved by the Swedish bi-annual testing.
NOVAK all weather covers

The 20,5 meter span is a four (4) piece wing with ailerons on the removable (4 meter) outer wing sections that automatically connect with the inner wing section when the wing is assembled. Tools for easing wing ground handling and rigging are included.
The wing has a unique flap design. The top wing surface is unbroken all the way to the flap rear edge. There is therefore no aerodynamic leakage at the flap to wing juncture.
Ailerons are moving with the flap settingsn, “flapperon".
Best glide ratio 1:48 and min sink 0.46 m/s according to the Flight Manual

Price € 17 000


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